Full-time web developer, part-time comic creator with short stories in Fablewood and the Harvey & Eisner winning Popgun. Currently residing just west of the largest city in Canada.

Spent a good portion of his childhood believing one day he'd grow up to be Batman. Not 100% convinced it's still not true.

You can find Scott in a few other places around the Internet as well:

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XVII. Ornament - 02/17/2020
Tradition was a concept Ghost had a hard time teaching Old Crow. Mostly Old Crow had a hard time learning anything that didn’t interest ...

XVI. Wild - 02/16/2020
Old Crow slept for a long time.

Through spring, through summer and into autumn.

His dreams seemed fevered and ...

XV. Legend - 02/15/2020
“I am worshipped as a messenger. Death speaks through me!”

Old Crow was wild with fever now. It was rare, but Ghost had seen ...

XIV. Overgrown - 02/14/2020
Time was a slippery thing for Ghost since he’d began travelling with Old Crow.

He’d look away from a clearing for what felt ...

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